Sunrise Dairy

Enjoy the Richness of pure milk.

The goodness of our fresh from farm milk, filled with proteins and essential vitamins in every sip


Farm to Home- We provide transparency in our quality.

our cows and buffaloes that are gazed naturally. They feed on our in-house chemical-free grass and cattle feed along with oil cakes and natural mineral supplements. Until the milk reaches your glass, quality is assured at every step. 

Our Process

Look into the 3-step process of our fresh milk



With no compromise on the hygiene standards, the cows and buffaloes are maintained very well. The usage of well-equipped milking machinery makes the process hassle-free concerning the milk and the cows.

Chilling (BMC)

After milking, milk is chilled as quickly as possible in BMC at 4 degrees Celsius. This ensures there is no room for any bacterial growth and maintains milk for further processing.


We have a strict end-to-end cold chain supply system. This ensures that freshness is maintained as the product reaches you.


Everything you need to know about what goes behind the fresh sip of milk.

We make sure our cows and buffaloes are maintained well both physically and mentally. The holistic care of our cattle ensures we get nothing but the best.
The richness of the milk comes from feeding our cattle:

Why us

Why choose us?

We are all the choices we make. Choose real milk and live your reality. Make your right Sunrise choice 

Why Switch to us?

As we bring the best of nature to your house, you are choosing your best quality of life.

  • Stress free happy buffaloes & cows yield healthy milk.
  • Proprietary feeding free from Antibiotics & Hormones.
  • Using the modern quality milking techniques
  • Ensuring dangerous pesticide free green fodder.

The Person Behind Sunrise Diary

Madhu Mandadi, the founder of Sunrise, started his journey in 2010 with just 10 cattle. From supplying milk directly to people’s doors to now serving the top 10 hotels in Hyderabad, he expanded Sunrise with a vision to produce high-quality milk for every customer. Sunrise farm now has 100 buffaloes and 50 cows and we take pride in the well-being of our cattle.They are taken care of with utmost respect, ensuring they have plenty of free space to keep them happy. 

At Sunrise, we believe in providing fresh and high quality milk for the well being of our society. Over the years, people recognise Sunrise for its commitment to quality and our team continues to raise the standards.

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